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Malée Anti-aging hand cream (Verdure)

March 8, 2017
Malee 2 (2)

I often get asked which natural beauty products I use. I love experimenting with different items on the market and it’s amazing to see how many natural and animal-free products are available. It’s also wonderful to find beauty products that really nourish you skin, giving you a healthy natural glow. I’ve been doing some research about various products and their benefits,

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Braised lentils with mushrooms and spinach

March 5, 2017
Braised lentish mushrooms and spinach 1

Apart from being tasty, nutritious, filling and easy to prepare, lentils are an inexpensive, accessible addition to almost any meal. I’ve been crazily busy these past few weeks and did not want to spend too much time cooking in the kitchen. (I must add that it’s a nice kind of crazy though, because I’ve reached a good level of consistently managing all my tasks efficiently.)

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