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Welcome to Naturally Tescha.

Thank you so much for dropping in. Naturally Tescha is all about food, beauty, travel, and living the best life you can. A creative at heart, who adores travel and good food, I love to cook natural, nutritious, wholesome meals, all with wellness in mind for a balanced life. (Then again, life is short and an ice-cream once a week is perfectly fine with me!)

By way of a backstory: I have always enjoyed eating, and never thought twice about what went on my plate – until my metabolism underwent a shift and I gained quite a bit of weight! I decided it was time for a total change of attitude towards what I was putting into my body and started looking at healthier alternatives that still retained what I call the “yum factor”. Naturally Tescha details all the tips I’ve learned on the way to a new, revitalised self, along with fresh, exciting dishes that not only taste fabulous, but are also guaranteed to make you feel great. I’ve let go of counting calories in my striving for balance and try to keep my recipes practical and simple, with readily available ingredients – because the modern lifestyle doesn’t always give us time to shop around.

I am also a professional make-up artist, so lots of beauty tips will be coming your way –  however I believe true beauty comes from within. Loving yourself for who you are and showing kindness towards others are priceless qualities that would make the world a great place to live in, if we just learnt to live … and let live. My life has been an amazing, fun-filled journey thus far and I look forward to sharing my creativity and experiences with you.

More about me, Tescha Chetty
My work background is in brand-building, from the initial concept phase, right through to the actual packaging-design process. Working with the best designers in the industry, on extremely tight dead-lines, harnessed my ability to think “quick and smart”, and afforded me the opportunity to gain valuable experience within the exciting retail world.I was also fortunate enough to gain experience in the publishing arena, working on production for Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure, Marie Claire and Oprah magazine.

Winning a cooking competition in 2015 (hosted by our very own South African Food Network Celebrity Chef, Jenny Morris) boosted my culinary confidence, and my passion for creativity in the kitchen has never stopped. My love for cooking is matched by that for travel, and in 2013, I was privileged to win an all-expenses-paid, 5-star holiday birthday competition, travelling to London with the TV crew from South Africa’s ’Top Billing’ lifestyle show. (I flew Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite and stayed at the Mandarin Hotel in Hyde Park, London … an unbelievable dream come true!)

Out of the kitchen, with my computer logged off, I enjoy life in the most beautiful city in the world – Cape Town, South Africa. I also spend a lot of my time spreading the ‘Good-For-You-Food Gospel, – so watch this space for more exciting, innovative recipes, along with interesting beauty tips and entertaining travel stories.

I hope the information in these pages brings you a wealth of health and happiness. In the end, if me changing my life and eating habits can inspire others to do the same, then this blog will have done an amazing job. So let’s do it. Together we can live our best lives – one bite at a time!