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Cucumber bites size snacks

October 12, 2017

Easy-to-make, light and summery cucumber bites, topped with double cream yoghurt and fresh pomegranates.These tasty cucumber bites are great as a morning snack or afternoon snack. Its also an amazing idea to include as a healthier snack at parties or functions.

I made this with thick slices of cucumbers, cut into circles, topped with a dollop of double cream yoghurt and sprinkled with fresh pomegranates. They are so easy to make, delicious, beautiful and bursting with delicate flavours all at the same time

I love recipes that are fresh, easy and require minimal time to prepare. Pomegranate seeds make any dish taste so much better. They are super healthy and have a host of benefits like high in fibre, curbs hunger and protects against plaque to name a few

Cucumbers are my go to favourite as well. They are so refreshing and so good for your skin.  Add them to your smoothies or juices.  They are great finger snack sticks, especially when dipped into hummus.

 I’m sure you will enjoy this as it is

Perfect snack idea
Quick & easy to make
To make these beauties you will need the following;


1 cucumber: Cut into thick slices
Double cream Greek or Bulgarian yoghurt
Fresh Pomegranates


Place sliced cucumbers on a serving dish of your choice. Add a dollop of yoghurt to each cucumber. Sprinkle fresh pomegranates on top of the yoghurt. Enjoy

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