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A bit about me, Tescha Chetty
Thank you so much for dropping in. Naturally Tescha is a reflection of my holistic philosophy, which is all about balance, being in the present and living your best life. I’m a creative at heart, who loves preparing innovative, wholesome, feel-good meals – all with wellness in mind. I’m also very much a free-spirit, and this is reflected in my love for natural beauty products and ‘Boho’ fashion.

My work background
My work background is in brand-building, from the initial concept phase, right through to the actual packaging-design process. Working with the best designers in the industry, on extremely tight dead-lines, harnessed my ability to think ‘quick and smart’, and afforded me the opportunity to meet the challenges of the exciting retail world. Apart from also being a professional make-up artist, I was fortunate enough to gain experience in the publishing arena, working on Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure, Marie Claire and Oprah magazines.

My Boho vintage online store – Simply Boho
When not behind my computer or experimenting in the kitchen, I like to indulge my passion for travel, and my love of the Eastern Bohemian culture which brings me to an exciting new adventure … my Boho vintage online store, Simply Boho!

One of my favourite travel destinations is Eastern Europe, especially the ancient, fascinating region of Bohemia, which forms part of the Czech Republic. I’m mad about this exquisite part of the world, with its rich history, culture, traditions, architecture, food – and especially – gorgeous ‘Bohemian’-style outfits  and accessories!

The clothing of the Romany people (who originated in India and settled in Bohemia, hence the name) has inspired me to create an online boutique that showcases these stunning, exotic garments and jewellery items, so I can share them with others who, like me, adore vintage Boho designs.  I’ve sourced my collections from those whom I believe share my passion to deliver a combination of beauty and quality – all at astonishingly affordable prices!

Please feast your eyes – and your senses – on the stunning stuff available from Simply Boho, and remember to keep an eye on my social media pages too, where I will have regular new product releases and exciting giveaways!

My philosophy
I believe in eating good, to feel good, to look good – however, I believe true beauty comes from within. Loving yourself for who you are and showing kindness towards others are priceless qualities that would make the world a great place to live in, if we just learnt to live … and let live. My own life has been an amazing, fun-filled journey thus far and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to talk to me via my Contact Me page if you have any queries or